Welcome to PaperlessRE

PaperlessRE is a Web-based tool for real estate professionals for managing all documents involved in real estate transactions.
  • Work with your documents on the Web from the office, home, or on the road -- anytime, anywhere.
  • Give all parties of the transaction a 7x24 access to their respective documents. They can check the status of the deal at any time without calling you on the phone.
  • Keep track of which documents have been collected and which have not, which have been signed and by whom, which need to be delivered to their respective parties, and many other important things.
  • At the closure of a transaction, you can make archives with copies of all documents customized for various parties of the transaction and for your own records.
  • PaperlessRE is very easy to use. Most of our users become proficient with the application in 15 minutes without training or instructions.

With PaperlessRE, you save a great deal of time on each transaction processed, you are able to work from home or from the office, and your clients receive a whole new level of service.


Here is what PaperlessRE users says about it:

"PaperlessRE rocks! I don’t have to bug anyone for documents and I can get what’s needed quickly."
Jessica Williams, Bay West Equities, San Diego, CA

"You sure have a great setup online. I’m impressed!"
Dixie Mulligan, Century 21 Sea Coast, Encinitas, CA


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